September 28, 2016

The 'Famous' OTK Spanking Paddle

The above photo of the lovely Ms. Dana Specht appeared on Tumblr recently.  It inspired me to compose a short post as the paddle is a copy of the Nu-West OTK Spanking Paddle.  Oh, and I'm sure some of you know that the 'Signature' paddle was a product of my very own wood shop.  They have been out of production for a while but I'm very proud to provide Ms. Specht a supply which she sold from her website.  Perhaps some of you have gotten your own bottoms warmed by one of them.

The OTK Spanking Paddle is also one of Cora's favorites, too.  She has no less than three of them ready to put into action at a moment's notice.

Indeed, I do have first 'hand' experience with how these little paddles can produce a very intense sting. 

Its been several months since our last post.  We have received a few notes wondering what has happened to us.  For the most part things here, are fine and Cora and I are healthy and doing well.  And just like all of us we've had our ups and downs, ebbs and flows as part of everyday life.  We did loose one of our precious pups just a month ago.  She was just shy of her fourteenth birthday but she gave us ten years of joy.

February 14, 2016

Hot Off the Press!

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's day.  I got Cora some of her favorite daffodils and I received a nice Valentine from her: Heart Shaped, pale at first but very red later, thanks to several of the paddles on her rack including her reddish PurpleHeart paddle.
One of Cora's Favorite Paddles: Her PurpleHeart

One of my many pastimes is I enjoy is reading.  Some of my favorite authors include Michael Crichton, Dan Brown.  I also read lots of technical items such as documentation I use in designing and configuring our Holiday Light Show.

However, I probably spend even more time reading erotic stories, especially stories that involved women spanking men.  I've even had two of my own stories published on the Library of Spanking Fiction.  There is a link to the LSF on the right side of this blog.

Well, a few days ago I received an e-Mail from Lucy Appleby announcing her new e-Book, 'Disciplined by His Landlady'.  Ms. Appleby is otherwise known as Flopsybunny on the Library of Spanking Fiction and is one of the founders.  She has written hundreds of stories many of which are oriented toward F/M subject matter which I have spent many enjoyable hours reading.  She asked me if I'd share the release of this book with our readers, so here it is:

and a link if you are like me and like this kind of story:

I've read part of this e-Book and am looking forward to reading more.  Stories about female teachers, female principals, female bosses, have always held an interest for me and a female landlord fits right in to the kinds of things I like.  Oh and I don't want to leave out the main authoritative woman in my life, Cora.  Ms. Appleby's book sounds like it will be very interesting  and I'm looking forward to further reading.

Another recent publication is Scarlett Hill Enterprises, No Nonsense Ladies #59.  I've posted information about SHE in previous posts, especially about NNL #58 in which Cora and I were featured.  I've read a few pages of NNL #59 and it, too has been a fun read.  The publications from SHE really hit my sweet spot (perhaps in more ways than one).

Please note that we don't receive any compensation for our endorsements but I wanted to share the kinds of things I think are relevant to our blog and FLR community.

January 18, 2016

Can a Woman Have Too Many Hairbrushes

There is just something about a woman spanking a naughty boy with her hairbrush.  It seems like the ultimate symbol of feminine authority.  The internet if full of both photos and stories centering on a woman's hairbrush.  And both Cora and I are big fans of this effective implement.

Thus it was something we wanted to include in our wedding ceremony and thankfully we found a special woman to perform the festivities and included handing over the hairbrush to Cora as part of the ceremony.

Oh, and this was immediately followed by Cora administering my first spanking from her using the same hairbrush. Indeed, it was a special day!  And its hard to believe today is our third anniversary.

Cora Administering Her First Spanking as Married Head of Household

So, its probably no surprise that Cora has quite a collection of hairbrushes.  Also, it seems that an Ebony Hairbrush stands out as the ultimate of Hairbrushes.  I found a source for them from the UK on the internet (e-Bay, specifically).  The first one I purchased for Cora had a concave back.  I had expected the back to be flat and was surprised when it arrived.  The second Ebony Hairbrush was actually purchased to observe the differences between a hairbrush with a concave back vs. one that is flat backed.  Much to the surprise of both of us the concave backed hairbrush is much preferred by both of us.  The effect of the concave back is much like a hand spanking where she cups her hand.  The result is much stingier and the resulting sound is much sharper.  It all contributes to a much more intense spanking.  For both of us.

Cora Showing Off Her Concave-Backed Ebony Hairbrush
Cora Demononstrating the difference between a Concave-Backed and Flat-Backed Ebony Hairbrush

Well, I became rather obsessed and ended up purchasing several more of these beauties.  They are all a little different, varying from 9-3/4 to 10-3/8 inch in length, 2-1/4 to 2-1/2 inch in width and 4.70 to 5.90 ounces in weight.  Now, one of the features of the Ebony wood is that its heavier than most.  Compare the hairbrush passed to Cora in our wedding: 10-5/8 inch long, 2-11/16 inch in width and weighs in at 4.06 ounce.  So even though that hairbrush is longer and wider, its considerably lighter.  I am guessing that you have figured out that an Ebony Hairbrush spanking is a step up in intensity.  Also those of you ladies familiar with using a hairbrush know that you don't really have to put much force into spanking your naughty guy.  Just a bit of wrist action as it about to impact your naughty boy's bottom is all that's necessary to maximize the striking force.  Its almost like the hairbrush is doing all the spanking and Cora has noticed this effect is even more pronounced when using an Ebony Hairbrush.
Cora, Ready for Some Spanking Action with Her Concave-Backed Ebony Beauty
I had corresponded with the vendor in the UK which had been my source for these Ebony Hairbrushes.  We've never been afraid to share our FLR lifestyle and I had made it no secret that we had not made these purchases with the intent in using them for hair-care.  In fact I had made reference to this vendor to others and he shared that several of my referrals had resulted in other sales for him.  One day I received an e-Mail from the vendor which said:

 "I have come across a rather interesting hairbrush. It is potentially too brutal for your arsenal but I thought of you and it made me smile because it has the largest bristles I have ever seen!"

Oh my!  Too brutal for our arsenal!  I couldn't let that one pass and made the purchase.  I knew I may be putting my poor behind in jeopardy but I couldn't resist the challenge.  Well, it turned out while this Ebony Heavyweight was about the same size in length and width (10-1/8 by 2-7/17 inches) it weighed in at a whopping 6.18 ounce.  And whopping it could do.  Indeed it did live up to the vendor's claim of being very brutal.  I can attest that a session over Cora's lap with that one is a spanking to remember.  Fortunately for me, Cora actually favors one of the other Ebony's in her collection although it is the second heaviest.  One of the features she favors is the fact that its one of the concave-backed hairbrushes while the behemoth is flat-backed.

So here are a couple of photos of Cora's collection of Ebony Beauties:

And if that isn't enough here is her entire collection:

So, anyone like to volunteer for some quantitative analysis?


January 15, 2016

We're Back!

OK, no apologies but we know its been a while since our last post.  But now that we've made it through our Holiday Show, we're ready to start posting again.  We had a very successful season and for the first time even hosted a show for Halloween.  We had great fun mingling with the crowds that attended our show and for the first time received fan mail and a gift or two.  We even had a couple of traffic jams in front of our house and attendance was much greater than previous years.

No promises on how often we'll post in the future but we do enjoy sharing our FLR lifestyle and hope that we will make an impact (!) on other couples who are either embracing or considering a Female Led Relationship.  And we love to hear from our readers, so feel free to leave a comment.

So, just to let you know, Cora has continued to assert her authority and even though things have been very busy and distracting, I have made a number of trips over her lap.

And yes, Cora still likes me in panties, especially when over her lap.  (More on panties at a later time).

We've got another post in the works that concerns our favorite WAD (Weapon of Ass Destruction) and ultimate symbol of female authority: The Hairbrush.

July 4, 2015

Just Released - Spank-Happy Wives #4

And it features us.  Again!

The Cover of Scarlett Hill Enterprises' Latest e-Zine

Just a few days ago I received an e-Mail from our very good friend, Barbara of Scarlet Hill Enterprises.  She attached a copy of their latest e-Zine, Spank-Happy Wives #4.  And much to our delight Cora and I were featured twice!

It was back in February that No Nonsense Ladies #58 was issued with a feature on us.  What a thrill to be the focus of one of my favorite publishers.  Well, it was just as much of a thrill (and an honor) to find a photo of us on page three along with a photo from Aunt Kay's Disciplinary Wives' Club and also a photo from Deidre and Evan's blog.  We've made reference to the DWC many times and I have quoted Ms. Deidre often, too.

Us on Page 3.  Yes, that's really me!

Then on page 12 we found a full page dedicated to us.  Woo Hoo!!  Barbara, we can't thank you enough making our little blog a part of your publication.

As Seen in Spank-Happy Wives #4, Page 12

Oh, and as usual, the e-Zine is filled with lots and lots of great stories featuring wives who hold their naughty husbands accountable by spanking them.  I have consumed a little over half of the 48 pages and have found the stories riveting.  Naturally, we highly recommend this and Scarlett Hill Enterprise's many other publications.  I have mentioned that my first exposure to these fine publications was when they were being sold in print format back in the early 1990's, and they are every bit as good now as then.

One of Cora's Favorites: Her OTK Spanking Paddle

So, yes its been a while since our last post.  We're still here and I still get spanked.  In fact just a few minutes ago I placed my blue pantie clad bottom over Cora's lap as she was sitting on our couch.  She took the hint and grabbed her OTK Spanking Paddle and went to work.  I still feel the tingle and I'm sure she turned my bottom a nice shade of red, appropriate for today's holiday.

A scene similar to about an hour ago except the panties were blue

So, where was her Ebony Hairbrushes?  Well all five of them (yes, all five!) were staged together on her Spanking Chair, but out of reach.  Why all five staged together?  Well, we have been wanting to do a feature on them.  Something like, "Can a woman have too many hairbrushes?".

As Rachael says, "Watch this Space".

April 11, 2015

Spanking the Hairdresser

I'm sure many of you have been going through some of the same mundane things we have.  Like Taxes.  This year's tax preparation process handed us two rather unpleasant surprises.  Yesterday we finally disposed of the last of them.

Part of yesterday's process was to obtain a cashier's check from our bank and mail it along with some of our forms.  I informed Cora of my intent and she asked to tag along and have me drop her off at her hairdressers.  "Sure", I replied.

Off we went.  I pulled into the parking lot behind her hairdresser's place and told her I'd be back as soon as I made my trip to the bank and post office.  My intent was to let her know she might be done before I was.

Indeed, she was done before I got back.  In fact I was delayed much longer at the post office than I expected.  A long line and only one clerk kept me much longer that expected.  So when I got back to Cora's hairdresser's she was outside.  I could tell she was a bit unhappy.  "Great", I thought.  She's upset at me for taking so much time.  Like it was my fault.

We returned home and later she explained that the way her hairdresser dealt with her hair was not a good experience.  Cora instructed her hairdresser exactly how she wanted things to go.  Unfortunately her hairdresser (a man) didn't listen.  Great, another inappropriately behaving man in her life.  Yikes!

Later in the evening Cora placed the dogs in our kennel.  I knew what she was up to.  So I closed up my computer and stripped to just the panties I was wearing.  I was going to get a spanking as a substitute for her hairdresser.  OK, I can deal with that.

One of Cora's Favorite Ebony Hairbrushes
Cora arranged two of her Ebony Hairbrushes and her OTK Spanking Paddle in easy reach and instructed me, "Over my lap!"  Over I went and Cora began spanking her substitute hairdresser in earnest.

And Her OTK Spanking Paddle
The spanking didn't last too long but long enough to turn my bottom the color of a dark cherry.  Naturally it also left a bit of a sting.  Hey, spankings are supposed to hurt, aren't they?  Anyway, after getting up and checking myself out in our full length mirror, I returned to a much calmer Cora.  It seems that spanking me relieved Cora of her stress.  The rest of the evening progressed quite pleasantly:  Cora with her stress relieved and me with a rather pleasant burn in my bottom.